Social responsibility


Drill-Lab approaches its corporate social responsibility (CSR) seriously. We all share responsibility to do business that respects, preserves and benefits our clients, suppliers, workers, communities and the environment. We believe that these principles should be rooted, wherever appropriate, into the actions we take.

As a national and global-reach company, Drill-Lab works with clients and suppliers across the world. This is a privilege as well as a responsibility, and we are devoted to making a positive impact wherever we work. This huge experience has given Drill-Lab a great occasion to exchange, gain and communicate corporate responsibility practices with all our work partners.

"People are our greatest asset" – this motto has been our inspiration for many years. Drill-Lab gives its people a chance and space to learn and evolve throughout their careers, to reach their full potential, and hence to add strength to the company. We are committed to creating a healthy and safe work environment by detecting occupational health and safety (OHS) hazards, as well as eliminating and controling them.

It is Drill-Lab's tradition to recruit its qualified office employees from local employment markets, and through this to support local economy and local educational institutions. On the other hand, as a national and global-reach company, Drill-Lab has always cooperated with and supported local communities in which it operated - by employing local field engineers and specialist, and by cooperating with its clients to minimise the impact on the surroundings.

We have always believed that identifying, managing and minimising any negative impact on the environment is our great responsibility. Having this in mind, Drill-Lab has proved its environmental awareness and in September 2011 obtained a certificate of compliance with the internationally valued ISO 14001 environmental management standard.