The key elements of Drill-Lab rig instrumentation systems are definitely sensors and additional equipment, e.g. remote computers, drillers’ monitors, Ex-proof audio-visual alarms, and many others (according to the client request).

The application of certified materials and sensors conformant with the European directive ATEX permits our system to operate in explosion hazard zones.

Our precise sensors measure mechanical, hydraulic and engineering parameters during each drilling-related operation, providing the basis for further parameter calculations and data visualization.

Electrical circuits and cables in the ex-zone are protected against sparks by installation of intrinsically safe barriers or separators.

Stainless and durable materials used in manufacture and solid workmanship enable the equipment to operate faultlessly in difficult conditions. Our sensors are supplied with standard 24 V power and the output signals are in the range of 0-5 V or 4-20 mA.

Correct installation and calibration of the sensor is easy and compatible with common equipment standards used in the industry. Ergonomic clamps and certified connectors allow sensor installation on any part of the rig, greatly reducing time required for rig-up and rig-down.


  • A variety of sensors and additional equipment to choose from and satisfy any specific needs.
  • Safer operating environment and peace of mind with ATEX and CE certifications.
  • Faultless and reliable operation in difficult conditions thanks to application of appropriate and premium materials.
  • Easy installation and calibration with innovative solutions such as quick couplings and ergonomic clamps.
  • Variety of types and configurations of the equipment that will fit even the most dificult and demanding surroundings.