Data Acquisition

Raw data entering the mud logging unit from the sensors are fed directly to the DL-DAS (Drill-Lab Data Acquisition System) or other data acquisition system, where data are processed and formatted and sent to data processing computers.

The DL-DAS is a control/monitoring system for the collection, recording and visualization of realtime drilling parameter data.

DL-DAS features include sensor analogue and digital signals reception, data processing and transmission to PCs, as well as parameter calculations and sensor calibration initiation. It also performs automated internal system troubleshooting and diagnostics.


  • Functional – the modular structure enables fast assembly or replacement.
  • Scalable – straightforward addition of a module expands the scope of its monitoring capability.
  • Versatile – diversified possibilities of application on various rigs connected with the oil & gas drilling industry.
  • Manageable – customized configuration changes through dedicated software are possible, in conformity with individual client requirements.