Surface Logging Units

The Mud Logging Unit offered by Drill-Lab Company is a modern and functional place of work for a drilling rig service.

A light structure of the container is based on a welded frame and walls are made of a laminated board. In the walls, next to a fullscale door, there are two big windows, air lock, emergenc y exi t and cabl e channel s assembled.

In the ergonomically designed interior, apart from a mud logging space equipped with a data acquisition system, there is also a separated geological laboratory where the interpretation of the samples from a drilling well takes place.

High quality furniture which is included in the cabin increase the work comfort as well as make a practical storage area.

The container’s structure together with its equipment, such as air conditioning, heating and cold and hot water facilities, make it perfect to work in the extreme weather conditions.


  • Modern and functional workplace.
  • Ergonomically designed interior.
  • High quality furiniture and full equipment.
  • Separate areas are designated for the company geologist and for the computerized data acquisition system.