Geological Services

Mud logging unit accessories, sensors, geological tools and recording equipment control and analyse drilling and geological information for the purpose of operational safety on the drilling rig and proper formation evaluation.


  • Rendering assistance when packaging and sending of core samples if needed.
  • Microscope analysis of drilling cuttings, core chips, side wall core, mud, oil, cement cuttings.
  • Calcimetry analysis of cuttings (when required).
  • Measuring of formation density (when required).
  • Fluoroscopy analysis by means of UV fluoroscope and fluoroscopy microscope of drilling cuttings, core chips, sidewall core etc., for determination of hydrocarbon content.
  • Estimation of Visual Porosity.
  • General control of the well, including Total Gas concentration level and chromatography (C1- C5, CO2,), circulating system capacity, mud delivery and mud properties.
  • Estimation of horizon parameters, including rate of penetration (ROP breaks, normalization of penetration rate).
  • Estimation of pore pressure on the base of Sigma, D-exp calculation, temperature trends, forms of cuttings, connect gas shows.
  • Control conducted to determine appearance of signs of difficulty in the drilling process, for example, borehole washouts, bit balling, mechanical and differential sticking, over pull and drag.
  • Control and indication (in accordance with Customer requirements) of measured and recorded parameters.
  • Calibration and calculation of lag time correction data according to depth and real open hole diameter.
  • Rendering assistance to the Customer’s geologist at any time, especially at core sampling.