Rig Instrumentation Systems

At the beginning of the 2000s, making use of the long term expierience of its technical staff, Drill-Lab launched development, production and sale of state-of-the-art rig-site monitoring and recording systems.

Since then our engineers and programmers have created newer and more perfect editions of the systems, which include high precision sensors, an advanced data aquisition system and custom-developed software, as well as other equipment used in the oil & gas and surface logging industry.

We focus our production on companies and rig contractors that want to increase the standard of any of their rigs which are not provided with digital rig instrumentation systems or use outdated applications. We also target contractors who wish to recuperate previously withdrawn and presently incomplete drilling rigs.

The application of new technology, certified materials, precision sensors, as well as careful and durable manufacture, has created a safe, reliable and modern system that has been sold in great numbers to customers all over the world, giving them a head start on its competitors, as well as every advantage possible and their very best chance at success.

Our Rig instrumentation systems are of a modular structure and can be easily adapted to client and project unique requirements. Drill-Lab offers its clients three typical configurations of the systems that can be customized, i.e. EasyRig – mounted on oil & gas drilling rigs, SPR – a mobile system adapted for fast rig-up and rig-down even on rigs of small dimensions and for short-term works, as well as a system installed on Coiled Tubing driling units.