DL-MVR (Drill-Lab’s Monitoring, Visualization and Recording) software is a highly advanced, fully MS Windows operated expert system and interactive environment for real-time data acquisition, visualization, calculation, monitoring, recording, analysis and data storage in the drilling and mudlogging industry.

DL-MVR is dedicated specifically to DL-DAS (Drill- Lab’s Data Acquisition System), but it can be adapted to cooperate with other equipment and software.

The user has at his/her disposal two graphical (Gauges and Charts) and one numeric (Numeric Database) module. A user friendly and intuitive interface allows the user to simultaneously observe all three modules or easily switch between them.

The Gauges module displays temporary data as legible digital, analog, level or chart counters.

The Chart module allows drawing a chart for any measured parameter for a given work day. A printing option is also available, which allows putting on paper any work day in any time scale.

The Database module allows reading the database in digital form. Thanks to the export option the user can quickly convert the data into a CSV format.

DL-MVR can operate in client/server mode, transferring its data over the Internet to distant (and/ or local) locations.


  • User friendly and intuitive interface.
  • The Charts module helps to follow up trends of each measured/calculated parameter.
  • Profesional inspection through alphanumeric database.
  • Comments added in the Charts and Database module are sent out to all client applications.
  • Operation in various unit systems (API, US standard, Canadian, SI Metric, Custom Units).
  • Ease of parameter feature edit thanks to a parameter properties dialog.
  • Simple access to archive data in the Database and Charts modules.
  • Remote overseeing, monitoring and real-time analysis of drilling operations to avoid safety and environmental hazards such as lost circulation, kicks and blow-outs thanks to data transfer to distant locations and client/server architecture.